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Dog Services

Trained and Highly Obedient Guard Dogs.

Whilst security guards can be a sufficient deterrent in a large number of cases, XFOR can also provide dog services to further dissuade thieves and intruders from attempting to enter your premises.

Our guard dogs are partnered with experienced handlers to patrol your site routinely.

Like any XFOR resource, our guard dogs are subject to a strict and extensive training regime that is regularly refreshed and updated. This ensures that every dog behaves predictably when handled correctly, and reacts in accordance with developing situations.

Should an intruder breach your usual security parameters, an XFOR guard dog is proven to act appropriately and with restraint in an attempt to raise the alarm and stop the trespasser.

A guard dog is only as good as its handler, and at XFOR our dog services department works to maintain a long-term relationship between handler and dog.

XFOR dog services encourages a sense of trust and understanding that is vital to achieving good results and robust defence.


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