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Access Control

Modern Technology To Restrict And Monitor Access

Whether you are looking to restrict access to your overall location or to specific rooms and departments within your premises, XFOR can supply and install a range of access control devices.

Every access control unit that we provide can be connected to an independent power supply outlet and comes complete with a battery backup should your main power source fail.

XFOR can also consult on the appropriate technology for your security requirements. A few of the devices we regularly supply to businesses are:

  • Keypad Door Controls
  • Biometric Fingerprint Scanners
  • Palm Readers
  • ID Card Scanners/Proximity Readers
  • As well as permitting or denying entry, many of our access control technologies can monitor and record entry data. This can include the identity of the individual attempting to pass the device, as well as a timestamp of entry and exit to the area. This allows employee behaviour to be monitored on an ongoing basis to ensure that your policies are being met.


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